MAT 3120 (Fall 2010)

Analysis III


In addition to the final exam, there will be one midterm exam, scheduled (during the usual class time) on the following date:

Midterm exams cannot be rescheduled. If you miss the midterm exam for a legitimate (properly documented) reason, its weight will be added to the weight of the final exam in the computation of your course grade.

All (midterm and final) exams are closed-book exams. Calculators are not allowed, nor are they needed. You may not enter a test after, or leave before, the first 20 minutes have elapsed. You may also not leave an exam during the final 10 minutes. You must present your student card during the exam.

Old Exams

Below are some old midterm and final exams. Since material is covered in a slightly different order from semester to semester, some questions on midterm exams from previous years are not applicable for this year's midterm. The best way to study for the midterm is to do the recommended exercises in the lecture notes and the text.
Exam Solutions Questions applicable for this year's midterm exam
Fall 2006 midterm Solutions (1)(a)–(d); (2)(c)
Fall 2006 final (1)(a)–(d); (3)(a),(c),(d)
Fall 2007 midterm (French) Solutions
Fall 2007 final (French) (1)(a),(b),(d)
Summer 2008 midterm Solutions (1); (2)(a)
Summer 2008 final
Fall 2009 midterm (French) Solutions (1)
Fall 2009 final (French)
Fall 2010 midterm Solutions
Fall 2010 final Solutions