MAT 5150 — Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Winter 2009

Computation of Grades: You must obtain a grade of at least 50% on the final exam in order to pass the course. If this is the case, your final grade for the course will be calculated in one of the following two ways. For each student, the method of computation chosen will be the one that results in the higher final grade.

  • Homework: 20%
  • Homework: 20%
  • Midterm: 25%
  • OR
  • Midterm: 10%
  • Final Exam: 55%
  • Final Exam: 70%
  • In the computation of the homework portion of each student's grade, the lowest homework mark will be dropped.

    Virtual Campus: Grades will be posted on virtual campus.

    Explanation of Grades: An explanation of grades in the faculty of science can be found here.