Zoom exams and quizzes

Materials and devices

  • No more than ten sheets of blank paper.
  • Writing implements (pen, pencil, eraser, etc.).
  • One of the following:
    • A laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and a separate webcam that can be positioned to show your entire work area, including the screen of the laptop/compter.
    • Two electronic devices. The first device should be a phone or tablet with audio and video, and capable of running Zoom. The second device should be able to access Brightspace, but does not need to have audio or video capability. A laptop or desktop computer is the preferred type of second device, but a tablet will also work.
  • You may only wear headphones connected to the device on which you are running Zoom. You should not be listening to anything other than the Zoom meeting.

Important: You must be visible on Zoom until you submit your work. Therefore, if you are using your phone for the Zoom call, you cannot use it to scan your work. If your only devices are a phone and a laptop with built-in webcam, you can do the following:

  1. Before the quiz starts, login into Zoom with both your laptop and phone. On each device, rename yourself in Zoom so that your names are "Your Name - Laptop" and "Your Name - Phone". To rename yourself, open the Participants window and hover over your own name to reveal the Rename option.
  2. While writing the quiz, turn off the video on your laptop and keep the video on your phone on.
  3. When your are ready to scan and submit your work, turn the video on your laptop on, and the video on your phone off. Then use your phone to scan your work.
  4. Submit your work using your phone. Alternatively, turn the video on your phone back on (and position it properly), and the video on your laptop off; then submit using your laptop.

Overview of proctoring

On the day of the exam, you will join the exam Zoom meeting. The link will be posted on Brightspace. For quizzes, you will stay in the lecture or DGD meeting. You will also login to Brightspace, where the exam or quiz will be posted.

For the final exam, you must be in the Zoom meeting at least 5 minutes before the start of the exam. To allow enough time to get set up, make sure that you join the Zoom meeting well in advance of the start of the test.

You must send private Zoom messages to the professor at the following times:

  • When you have finished writing (if you finish early) and are ready to start scanning.
  • When you have submitted your test on Brightspace and are about to leave the Zoom meeting.
You do not need to wait for a reply to these messages. They will simply be used as time stamps. Once you have submitted your work, you may leave the Zoom meeting.

Things to do a few days before the exam

  • Download the Zoom app on the appropriate device (i.e. your laptop or desktop computer with separate webcam, or your phone/tablet if you will be using two devices). Login to Zoom with this device and test your audio and video.
  • Locate a good testing environment. Choose a location that has good internet access. This should be a quiet and uncluttered room that has a table/desk and a chair. The table/desk should be clear of any papers (besides the blank sheets of paper you will use to write your exam), books, and unauthorised electronic devices. The space around you should be clear (e.g. no books, papers, or electronic devices on the floor) and you should have privacy, with no other people around.
  • Practice camera position. Go to the exact location where you will take the exam. Position your webcam or second device such that:
    • You can interact with the device that will be running Zoom.
    • Your video shows the screen of your computer (the device you will use to access Brightspace), yourself, and your paper. Your face, upper body, and arms must all be visible on the video.
    • Your paper is not readable on your video.
    Below is an example of a good view of you and the testing environment. Notice that the computer screen, paper, and test taker are all in clear view.

Zoom proctoring video

Things to do on the day of the exam

  • Before the exam: Make sure that all your devices are fully charged (preferably plugged in) so that you do not lose connection during the exam. Use the restroom before the exam begins. Make sure you have your student ID with you.
  • Getting ready: About 20 minutes before the exam, set up your testing area as outlined above.
  • Login: Using the Zoom link for the exam, login into Zoom on the appropriate device. The meeting will begin 15 minutes before the start of the exam. Make sure your microphone is muted, and that your camera is on, with your video showing your testing environment, as outlined above. Open Brightspace on the appropriate device and maximize your browser window. (If you are using one device, with a USB webcam positioned to the side, you should also have the Zoom chat window visible, so that you can see any messages the proctor or I may send you.)
  • Scan of testing environment and blank paper: I may ask you to adjust the position of your camera or phone/tablet or to scan your testing environment. A few minutes before the start of the exam, I will ask you to hold up your paper, to demonstrate that the pages are blank. I will also ask you to show your student ID to the camera.
  • Begin exam: The exam will be released on Brightspace and you should write your solutions on your paper. If you need assistance during the exam, send me or one of the proctors a private chat message through the Zoom app.
  • Submission: At the end of the exam time, you will have ten minutes to scan your solutions and submit them on Brightspace, in .pdf, .jpg., or .png format. You should remain in the Zoom meeting on camera until your exam is submitted.