MAT 3141 (Fall 2012)

Linear Algebra II


There will be regular homework assignments to be handed in during the term. These will be posted here. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the dates indicated below. Assignments handed in at the end of class will have 25% of the total available points deducted from the grade. Because of the disruption caused by assignments being handed in while class is in progress, assignments handed in during class (i.e. after the class has begun and before it ends) will receive a grade of zero.

If you need to hand in an assignment outside of class (before it is due), you must either give it to the instructor in person (for instance, during office hours) or give it to the receptionist in the math department (Room 103, 585 King Edward Ave) during business hours and ask her to place it in the professor's mailbox. If you submit your assignment to the receptionist, make sure she stamps it with the date and time it was handed in. Assignments placed directly by students in the professor's mailbox or under his door will not be accepted.

Assignment Grading

Assignment grades are based on both correctness (e.g. mathematical rigour) and presentation. Presentation includes the following.

Graded assignments will be returned in class and solutions posted on this page.

Collaboration and Cheating

You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with other students in a general manner (i.e. you can discuss the general approach to the problem). However, you should solve the homework problems yourself and all written work should be your own. If you work with another student on the homework, you should indicate this on your assignment (for example, write "I worked with X on Questions 1 and 3"). Copying from another student is cheating and will not be tolerated — it also doesn't help you in the long run.

Students found cheating will be reported to the university. Punishment can range from receiving a zero on the assignment, to failing the course, to being expelled from the university. Allowing another student to copy your work is just as serious as copying. For instance, you should not lend your completed homework assignment to another student.

If you have difficulty with the homework you can come to office hours for help and so there is no reason to cheat. Working through the homework yourself will greatly increase your understanding of the subject matter and will improve your performance on the midterm and final exam.