There will be 9 assignments, due by 10pm on the dates indicated below. No assignments will be accepted after the deadline. Therefore, you should plan to submit your assignments well before the deadline. Assignments will be posted in Brightspace one week before the due date. Solutions will also be posted in Brightspace. Feedback on assignments will also be available through Brightspace.

  • Assignment 0: January 13 (to practice online submission)
  • Assignment 1: January 20
  • Assignment 2: January 27
  • Assignment 3: February 3
  • Assignment 4: February 10
  • Assignment 5: February 17
  • Assignment 6: March 3
  • Assignment 7: March 10
  • Assignment 8: March 17
  • Assignment 9: March 24
  • Assignment 10: March 31

Format and submission

Assignments should be submitted online, through Brightspace. You may upload the assignment as many times as you want, up until the deadline. Only the most recent upload will be kept. Assignments must be typeset, preferably using LaTeX. Information on preparing assignments using LaTeX can be found here. The ytableau package makes it easy to draw Young diagrams and tableaux.

Collaboration and academic fraud

It is natural, and even encouraged, for students to discuss questions on the assignments. It is perfectly acceptable for students to help each other in general terms. However, each student should submit their own work. It is not acceptable to copy another student's assignment. Equivalently, it is not acceptable to allow another student to copy your assignment. It is also not okay for one student to tell another student exactly how to answer a question. Any help should consist in pointing a student in a general direction. You should acknowledge any collaboration or help you received at the top of your assignment, with a sentence along the lines of "I worked with students X and Y on this assignment" or "Student Z helped me with Question 3".

The use of online services or websites for solving homework problems constitutes academic fraud. Academic fraud is taken seriously in this course. See the university policy posted here.