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In this course we will explore aspects of linear algebra that are of particular use in concrete applications. For example, we will learn how to factor matrices in various ways that aid in solving linear systems. We will also learn how one can effectively compute estimates of eigenvalues when solving for precise ones is impractical. In addition, we will investigate the theory of quadratic forms. The course will involve a mixture of theory and computation. It is important to understand why our methods work (the theory) in addition to being able to apply the methods themselves (the computation). Students will be expected to write proofs on homework assignments and tests.

Official course description

Vector and matrix norms. Schur canonical form, QR, LU, Cholesky and singular value decomposition, generalized inverses, Jordan form, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, matrix analysis and exponentials of matrices, eigenvalue estimation and the Gershgorin Circle Theorem; quadratic forms, Rayleigh and minima principles. This course includes proofs and applications of computational methods.


(MAT 1322 or MAT 1325), (MAT 2141 or MAT 2342).

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