Assignments are due by 3pm on the dates indicated below. They should be placed in the box for this course found in the department lobby at 585 King Edward Ave or handed in before/after class. Typed assignments, i.e. those written with LaTeX (see below), may also be submitted by email. No assignments will be accepted after the department receptionist has closed the box. Therefore, you should plan to submit your assignments well before the due date/time.

Stapling: Assignments of more than one page that are not stapled will have 20% of the total available points deducted from their grade on that assignment.

Collaboration and academic fraud: It is natural, and even encouraged, for students to discuss questions on the assignments. It is perfectly acceptable for students to help each other in general terms. However, each student should submit their own work. It is not acceptable to copy another student's assignment. Equivalently, it is not acceptable to allow another student to copy your assignment. It is also not okay for one student to tell another student exactly how to answer a question. Any help should consist in pointing a student in a general direction. You should acknowledge any collaboration or help you received at the top of your assignment, with a sentence along the lines of "I worked with students X and Y on this assignment" or "Student Z helped me with question 3". Academic fraud is taken seriously in this course. See the university policy posted here.

Using LaTeX

Students are encouraged to prepare their homework assignments using LaTeX, which is the worldwide standard for writing mathematics. The necessary software is free. You'll need a TeX distribution (free) and an editor. There are free editors (see, for example the list here) or you can use one like WinEdt (free trial, then US$40 for students). To help get you started, you can download the tex file below and modify it according to your needs.

Students who prepare their assignments using LaTeX may submit the pdf file by email. Please name your file "Lastname-aX.pdf", where 'Lastname' is (obviously) your last name, and 'X' is the assignment number. I will return the graded assignment, with comments, by reply email. In order to reward students for preparing their assignments using LaTeX, and to encourage them to do so, all assignments prepared using LaTeX will receive one bonus point.


Assignments will be posted below at least one week before the due date. Graded assignments will be returned in class and solutions posted below. Since the assignments may contain exercises in a textbook, the solutions will be password protected. The password is available on Virtual Campus.

  • Assignment 1: January 19
  • Assignment 2: January 26
  • Assignment 3: February 2
  • Assignment 4: February 9
  • Assignment 5: February 16
  • Assignment 6: March 9
  • Assignment 7: March 16
  • Assignment 8: March 23
  • Assignment 9: April 6