Brightspace quizzes

There will be short Brightspace quizzes due before each lecture. These are intended to serve as a test of basic understanding of the material that is to be read before that lecture.

In the computation of the Brightspace quizzes portion of your grade, your lowest two Brightspace quiz marks will be dropped.

DGD quizzes

There will be nine DGD quizzes, completed during DGDs on the dates indicated below. DGD quizzes will be conducted using Zoom. See here for details. They will be submitted on Brightspace and should be in .pdf, .jpg, or .png format. Quiz topics will be announced several days before each quiz. Solutions will be posted in Brightspace. Graded DGD quizzes will also be returned through Brightspace, with comments from the grader.

  • Quiz 0: September 14/15 (to practice online submission)
  • Quiz 1: September 21/22
  • Quiz 2: September 28/29
  • Quiz 3: October 5/6
  • Quiz 4: October 12/13
  • Quiz 5: October 19/20
  • Quiz 6: November 9/10
  • Quiz 7: November 16/17
  • Quiz 8: November 23/24
  • Quiz 9: November 30/December 1

In the computation of the DGD quizzes portion of your grade, your lowest DGD quiz mark will be dropped.

Collaboration and academic fraud

Academic fraud is taken seriously in this course. See the university policy posted here.

Brightspace quizzes

You should complete the quizzes on your own. General discussions with others are okay, but you should not ask others for the answers, nor should you provide answers to other students. It is not acceptable to post quiz questions online asking for the answers.

DGD quizzes

All DGD quizzes are closed-book. Calculators are not allowed, nor are they needed. The use of online services or websites during DGD quizzes constitutes academic fraud.