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Official course description

Solution of systems of linear equations. Matrix algebra. Determinants. Complex numbers, fundamental theorem of algebra. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of real matrices. Introduction to vector spaces, linear independence, bases. Applications.


One of Ontario grade 12 Geometry and Discrete Mathematics (university preparation), Ontario grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management (university preparation), MAT1340, MAT0341, OAC Algebra and Geometry or OAC Finite Mathematics.


Official textbook

Robert A. Beezer, A First Course in Linear Algebra.

This is an open access text that can be viewed online or downloaded by students free of charge by clicking on the above links. More information on the text can be found at here.

Optional/Additional Text

In the past, a commercial text was used for MAT 1302 instead of the open access text mentioned above. Students who would like an additional reference (besides the official textbook) have the option of purchasing the former textbook. Sections corresponding to each lecture, as well as recommended exercises, for the commercial text below can be downloaded here.

  • David C. Lay, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Fourth Edition, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-0321385178.
  • David C. Lay, Student Study Guide for Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-0321388834.


The DGD is a part of the course and participation is highly recommended. During the DGDs, the TA will work through examples supplementing the material covered in the lectures. This is an excellent chance for students to ask questions and learn the course material in a hands on way. In addition, the problems worked out in the DGDs will be similar to the problems on the midterm and final exams. DGDs will begin the week of January 19.

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There are two main locations for information regarding the course: