Information on submission of assignments will be posted at a later date.

Collaboration and academic fraud: It is natural, and even encouraged, for students to discuss questions on the assignments. It is perfectly acceptable for students to help each other in general terms. However, each student should submit their own work. It is not acceptable to copy another student's assignment. Equivalently, it is not acceptable to allow another student to copy your assignment. It is also not okay for one student to tell another student exactly how to answer a question. Any help should consist in pointing a student in a general direction. You should acknowledge any collaboration or help you received at the top of your assignment, with a sentence along the lines of "I worked with students X and Y on this assignment" or "Student Z helped me with question 3". Academic fraud is taken seriously in this course. See the university policy posted here.

Using LaTeX

Students are encouraged to prepare their homework assignments using LaTeX, which is the worldwide standard for writing mathematics. The necessary software is free. You'll need a TeX distribution (free) and an editor. There are free editors (see, for example the list here) or you can use one like WinEdt (free trial, then US$40 for students). To help get you started, you can download the tex file below and modify it according to your needs.


Assignments will be posted below at least one week before the due date. Since the assignments may contain exercises in a textbook, the solutions will be password protected. The password is available on Brightspace.