MAT 2141 (Fall 2010)

Linear Algebra I


There will be regular homework assignments to be handed in during the term. These will be posted here. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the dates indicated below. Assignments will not be accepted after class has begun. Assignments (of more than one page) must be stapled and students should write their name and student number at the top of each page. There will not be a stapler available in class so students should plan ahead and staple their assignment before class. If you need to hand in an assignment outside of class (before it is due), you must either give it to the instructor in person (for instance, in office hours or during a DGD) or give it to the receptionist in the math department (Room 103, 585 King Edward Ave) during business hours and ask her to place it in the professor's mailbox. If you submit your assignment to the receptionist, make sure she stamps it with the date and time it was handed in. Assignments placed directly by students in the professor's mailbox or under his door will not be accepted.

Graded assignments will be returned in class or in the DGD and solutions posted here. Since the assignments contain solutions to the exercises in a textbook, they will be password protected. The password will be given out in class. If you didn't get it or forget it, email the professor.